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DAS Lab was entrusted to design Flex Fitness American Private Club which is located at SOHO Zhongshan Square. As we are required not to follow existing stereotype of fitness rooms and to stimulate brand-new fitness experience by use of space, we hereby make a probe into the relation between vision and profession. On the one hand, we extend different black wood finishes in the space like a black bottom plate, and on the other hand, we build separate virtual spaces and maintain their purity with the mirrors and specular reflection so as to create ultimate spatial experience.

As for the space structure, we have created various semi-private and semi-closed spaces by use of positions and heights of the blocks and limited vision, which not only protects the privacy of the users but also keeps proper transparency. The external façade has been divided into show widows of leisure area, aerobic exercise area, and physical training area to optimize the commercial value of the space. With lighting effect, material comparison, and incline cutting, we create a stereoscopic space for logo above the door head.

As the client demands for project planning, we divide the indoor area of 100 square meters into two fields for daily exercise in the front and back, with 5-6 equipment of middle-large size and activity spaces for 7-9-person group training, while protecting the privacy of the users. By use of specular reflection of the mirrors, we create some virtual spaces of different sizes, which look likes that we divide the space into many small ones with extended visual effects.

Design Company: DAS Lab
Design Director: Jingze Li
Designers: Xiang Guo
Construction Drawing Drafter: Jingjing Duan
Photographer: Roshan

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