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IND architects completed the design for phase two of the Incanto offices located in Moscow, Russia. This space is the second stage of the Incanto office. Meetings with customers and partners of the company are held here. The office reflects the image of the brand, represents a high level of the company and its approach to business. In fashion, a close attention is paid to every detail, even the smallest. The second phase of implementation reflects the concept of the entire office – a sensual, attractive space in a modern style with natural accents.

The office has a lot of free space, which is quite unusual for Moscow offices, where each meter should be as functional as possible. Open space allows you to slow down after the fast city race in the capital and more effectively solve business problems.

The organization of space plays an important role in the interior of the office, in addition to the large enough freedom that it offers to visitors and employees, smooth passages from one room to another were made. For example, glass-tinted meeting rooms balance between the privacy achieved by soundproofing and openness, as the participants of the negotiations are visible through the glass. Lighting supports the idea of a soft transition from one space to another, so, in the corridors there are light portals, and built-in lamps create both comfortable general lighting and accent lighting.

After the reception area, visitors enter the green oasis, everything was done for the maximum comfort of the visitor – two phyto walls form a green corner, comfortable armchairs and a small coffee table allow you to relax, here there is a plasma panel on which Incanto rollers are shown – beautiful camera work, Natural landscapes and beautiful girls, demonstrating the models of the brand. Here microclimate is formed, careful work was done with the acoustic system and the choice of sound effects – soft natural sounds, chirping of birds, visual series allow a little distraction and help to concentrate better during negotiations.

The office is designed in a minimalism style – strict lines and geometric shapes are in harmony with glossy surfaces and elegant materials. On the backdrop of a strict color scheme, mostly black, white and gray colors, accents draw attention and complete the image of the office of fashion industry – an attractive, but not fanciful space. Ceiling lamps in the form of circles and sensual posters in the meeting rooms are coordinated with the interior of the office on the other floor, in which the majority of the holding employees work.

Designer: IND architects
Photography: Alexey Zarodov

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