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Aimed at Millennials, P+ was launched by Papyrus, the leading luxury eyewear retailer of South Korea. Archi@Mosphere understood Millennials as those with a desire to find special moments in daily life, enthusiasm for a unique and individual style, and a proficiency on social media. Thus Archi@Mosphere developed a concept called ‘p+ swag’ in order to communicate with them.

How would we defied the ‘swag’ of p+?
Archi@Mosphere defined it as ‘fun minimalism’. ‘Fun’ being an intriguing experience for the customer. ‘Minimalism’ being an exposition of only the essence of eyewear.

In order to convey the belief of Papyrus, that the purpose of glasses are not only to see but also to be seen, we redefined the sales process as a consultation session. Thus, the space becomes a consultation room for the Millennials constructing their own identity through eyewear. Consulting will become the new method of purchasing eyewear, and Papyrus will lead this new culture as they have done before.

The two overlapping ring tables are exclusively focuses for eyewear and the consulting. This gives the space a characteristic and arouses curiosity for those passing by. In addition to that, the assembly process of the eyewear is visible though the open assembly
and the optometrist room, providing an interesting and fun experience to the customers.

Designed by Kyoung Kim, Wooja Jo, Sehwan Jun / Atelier.Archi@Mosphere
Photography by Seulki Ki

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