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In the town of Arta and right next to the river, there is an “all day” place that formed the “canvas” of a very interesting renovation. The aim from the very beginning was the total reconstruction of the place and the creation of a unique atmosphere with classic elegance and a minimal touch combined in a sense of comfort and luxury. Therefore, the double height place, with a loft in one part, maintained its shell but the construction activities in the internal were extensive. The fact that the place opens up to the river was an important element since it provides big openings with sliding glass doors that unify the inner with the outer environment and offer plenty of natural light.

The new renovation was driven to offer the maximum functionality and the purity of the movements. The existing levels on the ground floor are modified and a single place is created with an elevated zone across one wall. This includes a sitting area with comfortable sofas, and a disc jockey’s area. The different functionalities are distinguished by the selection of different backgrounds. While the sitting area is defined by a black marble back with big round mirrors, the dj gets an impressive wooden back with a relief pattern from small wooden squares and hidden lighting. The furniture that is created right in front, follows a linear pattern in dark color.

The bar, main part of the place, was made from scratch, remaining the central element and changing geometry. This choice created new flows of movement on the ground floor. Its coating with materials such as wood and green marble create a classic combination that gives away a sense of luxury. The medal hanging bottle rank functions as a complimentary element, adding a gentle touch.

An extra important element of the suggestion is the revelation of the linear stairway that leads to the floor. The solid wall in front of it, was knocked down and gave its place to a pegboard medal construction with an impressive pattern while the big height of the back is coated with black marble with white waters, underlining the movement to the loft. It becomes clear that the texture of the materials as well as the color choices played a vital role in redesigning the place and creating a new identity. The luxury of the marble was combined with the intimacy of wood and the lustrous medal surfaces provoking timelessness.

Another characteristic is the propeller ceiling lights that were especially designed for the particular place, serving a double role of functionality and design. The entrance was emphasized by using tiles in geometrical patterns for the ground’s coat and a unique medal construction on the ceiling while the hanging plants in different parts of the place’s floors boost the sense of comfort and familiarity. As for the loft, it has its own style, with the quality of a comfort sitting area with the finest details and a harmony of materials, colors and patterns all over.

Designed by Giannis & Giorgos Efthymiadis / G2lab
Photography by Dimitris Spyrou

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