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The restaurant of the landmark architecture of Shanghai. The entrance of the glass appears in the building of a good atmosphere suddenly. As a restaurant providing an ethnic food, the interior is an image of “ethnic × Japan × China”. I aimed at the refreshing space while adopting various types of factors abundantly by unifying general atmospheres. A counter of the big brass of the entrance.

I install the storing shelf which genuine marble was used for as a door in the back. A big “bonsai” is put to the display. I mediate the space in the shop in five areas and change each image.
A floor and the walls are unified with mortar. Because the ceiling has low high cause because, I install an indirect lighting panel partially. I adjust the position of the panel each so that a feeling of omission appears in the space as much as possible.

The domain that a punching metal board was bent characteristically, and was prepared into a wall and the ceiling. It gives feeling of strain in the space while giving original element. The central counter part adopts the mosaic tile of characteristic marble. There is it in the luxurious area with the clean feeling when I assume night bar thyme. I use various materials for the characteristic of furniture and the wall surface.

I adjust the glance of the visitor to show it refreshingly in that by changing the height of the floor in the united feeling of the color and each place that thought about how it is located particularly. Vanity of the space gets a change. The ready-made article does not only do it as much as possible even if it is one chair. I arrange a ready-made article and produce it newly and make much of a careful thing.

The main point is a display showcase installed in various places. I think that it is one of the pleasure to watch an internal unique display slowly each. This place is neither Japan, China nor Thailand. I aimed at the restaurant where was full of the original senses that there was nowhere. It will be that there is new discovery every time even if I go to any area.

Designed by Yasuhiko Nakano / Rawumbers

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