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“Brilliance emitted by jet-black materials ”

This is a counter-style teppanyaki restaurant in Osaka surrounded by flashy stores on a bustling city street lit up by neon lights. We considered to utilize the vividness of the streets and designed a superficial illumination using various lights and colors.

As the name of restaurant “Himawari” meaning sunflower in Japanese, we designed the store as “a single sunflower beautifully blooming under a moonlit night”.

Iron, wood, glass, stone. Constructing a space using all jet-black materials, we aimed to draw out the potential of each materials, such as the texture and the warm or cool images that each of the materials could bring to the space and harmonize them to create a glamorous space.

Construction:Inter Tech
Floor area: 24.98㎡
Photo: YFT,Yamada Foto Technix, Keishiro Yamada
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