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With an overall area of nearly 2000㎡, the project is located at 6F-8F, Jinjue Plaza, Nangang District, Harbin. At the beginning of the design, we were inspired by Greater Khingan Mountains where new lives are bred under snow in Winter, the land is fertile, sunshine is opulent, water is abundant, and everything is full of vigor in Spring. We adopt natural and simple materials to make people feel kind and warm, and using wood grain, steel structure and gorgeous color interspersed locally in performance, which are fantastic and powerful.

We hope that our book store can be filled with various magical power: integration and burst of all kinds of knowledge, encountering and progress of all kinds of people. People can get little surprises other than reading, such as wandering, staying, reflection, appreciation, communication.

People will naturally be attracted by this large book tower in the center of book store, which is like a towering tree with power, life and connotation. Coming in from the ground glass window in the south, sunshine goes through the book tower in the center and forms a light and shade effect where coexisted with virtuality and reality. And that is the moment we are in. Sitting on the floor in knots, we meet another self or others during the process of reading books.

Walking up step by step around the book tower, people can see the quiet reading room on the 7th floor and the heavy traffic outside the window with increasingly board line of sight. Which complex you are willing to stay, is up to you. On the 8th floor, you can reach the reading platform in the air through the corridor. In the reading platform which is like a small botanical garden and a nest in the tree, you can quietly read books surrounded by plants.

Interiors Designers: HMA Architects & Designers
Lead Architect: Saunaam Yip
Design Team: Jiajin Fan, Min Zhou, Fei Yuan
Photographs: Eiichi Kano


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