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This brand new service format brings completely new design challenge. The process of taking photos in such store is much more complicated than traditional F&B or retails. Customers, visitors, makeups, photographers and other employees all squeeze and move in such small area. A good circulation that does not interfere with each other, could directly enhance everybody’s experience. The less obtrusive while strong functional guide information placed everywhere in the space. It is very friendly to customers who come to the store for the first time.

The elefoto has an IP of “astronaut”, so we proposed a new style — mild future-retroism. Therefore, in every corner of the space, there are some retro small devices, but after the secondary reconstruction of the design, it has a sense of futuristic, some like a time machine, and some like a space capsule.

During the whole Store Identity upgrading process, we try to propose more and more interesting details in every single store. Like the SPACE flagship store in Beijing, a few details brought extraordinary surprise of experience.

The existing building originally contained a hollow smoke well. Because of a certain design coincidence, both the reception counter on the first floor and photo producing space on the second floor are next to this hollow well.

We have made a nuanced table for customers’ makeup removing process. The display of the makeup removers, the place to dispose the garbage and other details were well-designed to help the customers easily maintain the whole area tidy and clean, giving the following customer a nice and fresh impression. By the way, because it is nice and also functional, many shop assistants would like to have one at home.

Although it is the “web influencer ” photo studio under the consumption upgrading era, the elefoto is based on its outstanding professional ability since it’s open, which is why, the daylab studio was paying more attention, in the style of design, on delivering the message of its profession and the taste, rather than piling up dazzling “popular elements” to cater to female consumers.

The fans of the elefoto are the first group in the country to have good sense of aesthetics. The large amount of decorative materials in the traditional design, the eye-catching colors, and the high-quality sense of the decoration patterns cannot enhance the brand value, which is also not accepted by the Daylab team. In terms of design, we believe the principle of “introverted taste”, using low-saturation brand color and meticulous detail to impress customers, which is very popular among this group of users.

Design: daylab studio
Architect in Charge: Docee Dong
Design Team: Aimee Liu, Xiao Hua, A Xiang
Photographs: Xiaoyun


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