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M Moser Associates has defined the optimal workplace in the realization of their newly relocated New York City offices, a space that enhances their brand identity and empowers employees. M Moser Associates recently completed the design of their offices located in New York City, New York.

By relocating M Moser’s New York office, the team had the opportunity to enhance brand identity and employee empowerment, to transform ways of working. The new environment sought to adopt the best attributes from the existing culture and operating systems while retaining the heritage of the global business. To understand the key successes, challenges and opportunities, the workplace strategy team undertook occupancy studies, interviews visioning sessions and online surveys. This enabled us to define the optimal workplace environment.

One of the oldest skyscrapers in the city and an innovation of its time, the M Moser experience has been designed in the landmarked Woolworth Building – reflecting new ways of thinking, while honoring the history of the original design. The vision for the new space was an agile, future-proofed “living lab” for ongoing adaption and change.

Using “total motivation” as a primer for performance, the strategy and design team integrated to create a workplace that reflects the cultural and business transformation capabilities of M Moser – addressing individual needs and translating this methodology into new digital strategies, space planning, flexible furniture, and technology to achieve a high-performing workplace.

The move would be a catalyst for dramatic change, not only of location but of the way people work. The change management process was therefore adopted two years before the project began. One of the key changes would be a completely agile workplace – moving from assigned seating to free address.

Situated in the iconic, neo-gothic Woolworth Building, the lobby provides an elegant and distinguished first impression in a journey featuring vaulted ceilings, marble and mosaics. For M Moser New York, it was important to show respect to the building’s history and integrate this into the design of the office – its rawness emphasises the legacy of the space and original design. The team’s modern way of working sits at the heart of a city with rich culture and heritage, which is a precursor for the work that they do every day.

Embracing the ethos of a raw, dynamic workshop, the whole workspace embodies the spirit of freedom and experimentation, empowering people to adapt and innovate. The design team engineered flexible desk furniture and incorporated additional moveable furniture to enable the space to change for various needs and events. Users are encouraged to adapt areas based on their unique requirements, without restrictions. Facilitating a growing headcount, the space can accommodate up to 75 people with 100% agile working.

Supporting a community art program, the office showcases a rotating art collection to encourage creativity and bring life to the space. The team also took this opportunity to move away from an overly branded space, capturing the M Moser culture and brand while balancing hospitality and comfort. Putting people and the environment at the heart of the design, the space has been created to meet LEED, WELL Platinum, and RESET Certification.

Embracing organisational change and growth, the new space reimagines ways of working as an “office of the future” that encourages movement and flexibility to meet the needs of each person, team or task. This “living lab” serves as a co-working space and enables M Moser to test and develop a broad range of workplace strategies to ensure the best results for clients.

Design: M Moser Associates
Photography: Eric Laignel


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