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Hungarian company Sekhina is handcrafting switches and sockets made entirely from concrete as a more sustainable alternative to plastic ones. The products come in different colors and textures, from mini terrazzo surfaces to pure concrete ones with bubbles and blots, making up distinct, unique items with individual characteristics. Referring to them as ‘Stone to Stone’ products, Sekhina seeks to offer a better alternative to plastic switches and sockets, with only the industry-standard electrical mechanisms containing plastic components.

‘concrete switches and sockets had to exist already, so we thought initially,’ says Gábor Kasza, founder of Sekhina. ‘it seemed such an obvious idea, but we did not find them. We thought it would be fantastic and so we created them. You can find the very first completely concrete cover of switches and sockets made from only silicates.’ the products are hand-manufactured, making it easier to create custom designs in small batches that vary in color and texture.

The switches and sockets are strong, durable, and easy to clean, as they are infused with an eco-friendly water-repellent agent that is invisible on the surface. As such, stains and grease of any kind are easy to clean from the switch or socket. Sekhina is producing the concrete covers, which are then fitted over industry-standard electrical mechanisms made by trusted name-brand manufacturers. These mechanism is the only part of the product that contains plastic components.

‘we know that the plastic materials of switches and sockets make up a very low percentage of global plastic pollution,’ notes Kasza. ‘we think, all of the tiny steps are remarkable. We are very proud that we can offer a better alternative and work on a more sustainable future. We do not use artificial resin nor pollutant additives.’

Designer: Sekhina / Gábor Kasza
Contributors: Sebestyén Babay (Designer / 3d-Modelling), Zsófia Tóth (Architect)
All images by Fülöp Schmal, courtesy of Sekhina


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