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Jurgen Lehl + Babaghuri’s Fukuoka, Japan store is a space that interprets the fashion and lifestyle brand’s focus on natural materials.

Key features
How do you turn an ‘inorganic, monotonous’ interior into one worthy of a fashion retailer? Koichi Futatusmata and Koichi Shimohira of Case-Real designed a series of large curved walls to ‘create two continuous but relaxed scenes’ in the street-level, rectangular-shaped location. The dark green surfaces give the 175-sq-m environment a rhythmic, along with display furniture and shelving forged from wood and stone and steel frame merchandising fixtures. Sharply linear features are combined with rounded décor, like long, gold-tone mirrors and arched door handles. ‘We aimed to create a space with strength,’ say the designers, ‘a space that portrays the solemn state of nature.’

Frame’s take
Case-Real’s intentional (yet sparse) use of colour and material effectively communicates the refined mood that the studio intended; though minimalistic, the space reflects careful attention to details. The rich green of the walls and the sinuous gold mirrors are both nice touches – they bring a sense of controlled liveliness that may have otherwise been missed. However, the designers could have taken this further – and expressed Jurgen Lehl + Babaghuri’s relationship to nature even more literally – by introducing greenery in the shop.

Designed by Case-Real
Photography by Hiroshi Mizusaki


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