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In India, celebrating puberty had it’s relevance in the past. Across many India states, attaining puberty used to be a social occasion celebrated by women with great pride and enthusiasm. Perhaps, that’s the only day women were allowed to be open about it.

But this nature’s gift adds up to the struggle for women. Nestle India wants to make these 5 days in women’s life happy by a) Encouraging them to break the taboo and celebrate it. b) By giving them an intake of vitamins and minerals to repair and replenish menstrual losses. Nestle India designed a Nutri-pack, ‘5 days Mood Maker’. It’s a combination of Nestle nutritional products. The pack helps women maintain the energy and health during these 5 days. Every mother can gift this to her daughter as she gets her first period and celebrate the occasion. The women can continue to use Mood Maker in every month to replenish menstrual losses.

What’s Unique?
Nestle- Mood Maker is 1st product that that help women to repair and replenish menstrual losses. This comes in a trendy packaging which guides women about the menstrual problems and its cures with a panel of doctors just a click away.

Designed by Deepashree Mankar


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