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Mahogany is the name given to mahogany wood in the Ethiopian language, Ethiopia is the cradle of world coffee and where the best coffees in the world are collected, that is why it was our source of inspiration for this project.

For the creation of the new brand of specialty coffees Mahogany, we entered a totally new world for us, the world of specialty in the beverage. A premium brand that selects the best farm coffees from exotic origins, Mahogany works with small producers seeking the maximum excellence and quality in the product.

That is why we wanted to transmit this affection and love for the product directly in the brand, synthesizing to the maximum the elements, the altitude of the mountains where the coffee plantations and the water are located.

We start from a Roman typeface that from its retouching we synthesized and modeled to our liking, to try to generate a visual identity that is very easy to recognize, thanks to the typeface, with perfect antlers, we generate in the same dimension the brand and union with the lettering itself, being this of great help for the integration of the global brand.

We create a clean, simple, clear language and, above all, that is highly visual and applicable to future packaging and can be used for point of sale materials.

This brand aims to transmit the values ​​of proximity, love for the product and maximum affection in the production and distribution process, as well as being, in the future, a benchmark brand in the world of specialty coffee.

Designed by Bulldog Studio


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