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OR means option right. It represents originality, freedom, breakthrough, and applicability. OR is not only a multi-brand fashion store but also an incubator for cutting-edge designers. Advocating the spirit of independent aesthetics and self-maintaining, OR integrates entertainment, commerce, contemporary art and culture, and other resources to define a fashionable lifestyle with extraordinary experiences and constant values. OR’s space design doesn’t follow contemporary trends with rapid changes or popular colors of different seasons but is inspired by the pioneer of European architecture – ancient Greek architecture. Seamlessly blending eastern aesthetics and western techniques, our designers remove redundancy and complexity wherever possible, constantly search for the perfect balance between straightest lines and smoothest circles, and finally endow the space with quiet beauty in the understated.

Beauty In the Understated. Drawing on the graceful structure of Greek column, the most prominent element in ancient Greek architecture, we form a winding movement line, so that everyone could customize his/her movement line and continue to explore and discover by himself/herself. Square and circle, twists and turns, endow the space with endless changes. Wood columns not only convey oriental elegance in color, but also inherit classical European-style structure. Punctuated by the light and shadows, this structure demonstrates aesthetic in its ultimate and approved forms and creates a sense of spatial level meanwhile.

Coffered ceilings, the ornamental element traced back to ancient Roman and Greek architecture, standing the test of time as one that delivers an emphasis on spaciousness and dimensionality, are used in our space to capture a sense of extravagance and elegance. The coffered ceiling becomes the focal point, adding depth and detail to the overhead space through a grid of sunken panels. In the meantime, each label with recessed lighting glows softly, demonstrating a subtle balance between warm and understated.

Staggered columns and semi-arches are combined, and gradually reach the end of geometric folding symmetry, building a sense of extension of time and space, leading visitors to explore inside. The paving of the blue bricks not only echoes the architectural elements of the coffered ceilings, but also leads visitors to fall into the reverie of blue sky, bringing a sense of tranquility and harmony.

Naturalness Without Pretense. The wall-covering material – yellow travertine, contrasted with turquoise stone used for store façade and cashier embellished with deep and shallow white contexts, interprets the close relationship between green mountain and hill stones, displaying natural beauty and restrained elegance of luxury. A serene and minimal ambience is offered by a soothing color palette filled with plenty of pale timber and muted browns. These colors complement each other well and make the space look more spacious, cleaner and neater. Bronze sofa and turquoise stone highlighted from the overall wood color scheme, impart positive vibes to the space, and elaborate a breath of exquisite elegance.

While the display counters are made of stainless steel, the fabric sofa and other soft materials create a gentle touch. While marble meets suede to create tension, the naturally formed texture on the former and customized pattern on the latter connect the nature and manmade. Light flows down along the textures of materials, like water, rendering the most beautiful form of this space. Through the perspective of storytelling and the background of ancient Greece, a sequence of scenes will be unfolded for visitors. Once you step in OR, you will be placed on the central stage, where a unique and memorable travel is ready for you.

Architects: LAS DESIGN
Lead Architect: BRENT LEE
Photographs: INSPACE


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