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Mi2 designed a space for the Rosefinch Investment offices with a clean elegance and sophistication in Shanghai, China. While Rosefinch Investment’s core values are based in traditional Chinese wisdom, they appeal to an international viewpoint through the concept of investment with a professional consulting service to achieve the shared vision of providing their clients with a brighter future and realizing the steady increase of their asset value.

The company logo comprises a red rosefinch and simple gradient gold font-no visual accident as this quickly showcases the cultural background and core values the company adheres to. In Chinese culture, the rosefinch is regarded as a close relation to the phoenix, one of the four mythological animals that created our world. This mythical bird was tasked with sending good blessings to the human realm and carries the implication of longevity-a good omen the company has successfully brought to the Chinese capital market with hopes that everyone can also enjoy a prosperous future.

Despite all these traditional elements, Rosefinch Investment is a young and dynamic team. This brand new office space in Shanghai Pudong’s landmark Qiantan Hui Center represents the second collaboration between Mi2 and Rosefinch Investment. Using the language of design to tell the story of a collision between old and new, the transition of eastern wisdom and modern necessity, was a big challenge for the Mi2 team.

In this 3,500sqm space, the lobby comprises some 400sqm. Through creative design from the Mi2 team, this spacious area has become a highlight of the whole office. The juxtaposition of the red rosefinch emblem and repeating gold lines creates an engaging dialogue between the past and future.

Moving on to the façade and ceiling of the impressive entrance way, built from vertical strips of aluminum and LED strips, the combination creates a strong visual effect and leads with a futuristic vibe. The visitor’s point of view is drawn to the far end, a deliberate focus of the lobby area, and the spot chosen for the two-meter-high red rosefinch installation.

This eye-grabbing installation was created via a brand-new technology that utilizes 3D titanium alloy metal printing. In a mostly white and minimal-style space, a large colorful installation such as this is like a marvelous finishing touch – not just eye-catching and recognizable, but also expressing the unique Eastern origin of this flourishing company and showcasing what makes it stand out in the international capital and investment market.

The lobby area and conference space have been connected via a natural transition that allows the lobby to extend to as deep as 13 meters to the exterior window. Standing here, visitors have an unparalleled view of the city, a clear reminder of the power and high status of Rosefinch Investment.

The entirety of the office space is spacious and bright with clear circulating lines. While this palette eschews the traditional choice of black, white and gray by employing an open design layout and low saturation soft colors, it adds some red from the Rosefinch emblem to create a space that is fresh, friendly and comfortable.

Ultimately, these design concepts all reflect back to Rosefinch Investment’s company culture: integrity, professionalism, technology and future-focused. The aesthetic choices overturn the routine style you may have seen in traditional offices of the financial industry. By using a simple, contemporary/futuristic touch, the Mi2 team has expressed the brand’s Eastern wisdom and cultural knowledge, and presented visitors with a unique space that is open, extended and integral; natural and interesting with a professional attitude.

Design: Mi2
Photography: Boris Shiu


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