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A striped wood wall and a crispy travertine marble floor, a very mid-sixties modern Mexican style, are the frame for the striped arched windows, that fill the room with natural light.

The site, a 3800 sqr ft penthouse on Masaryk Avenue, in Polanco. The most important avenue in the hypest neighborhood in Mexico City, famous for being the center of the city’s vanguard.

The lobby full with a retro vibe, is the preamble for this space of contrasts. Metallic walls in a golden tone complement the scene, where a striped travertine marble desk, is framed by plants and crowned by three spheric lamps, that make us travel to the past, without losing our awareness for the present.

On one side, two doors that resemble a bank vault, guard the principal office and the meeting room, both of dark striped wood walls, that contrast with the sharpness of the vein on the travertine marble floor and a terrace full of selected plants that work as a filter against the dynamism of the street below.

A striped glass door, on the other side, opens to the main work area, with a big carrara marble table at the center, where work is dedicated to the financial market, the ceiling supports a structure for six screens that broadcast financial news all day long. Three structural columns are topped by illuminated circular lamps, giving the sensation of being floating in the air.

Golden arches remark in a conceptual way, the relation of the metal value, with the vocation of the office itself. Behind this arches, on one side of this room, are three offices, each one with a desk made of a carrara marble top and a green lacquered metal base, that get lightened by a brass bar that floats over them.

Two meeting rooms, with big marble tables, equipped with tv screens and all the necessary to work on site or from distance, are waiting for the action. Divided by folding glass doors, this rooms have the capacity to connect between them, to form one big room. At the back, the dining room, with the same capacity of a meeting room. The kitchen and services are more discrete although they all share some details, as in all the office area, like curved corners and tall wood baseboards.

All the tables and desks were designed to solve the client’s needs, using sustainable materials like recycled wood and recycled steel sheets with eco-friendly automotive paint finish. Lightning achieves a cozy and domestic feel, ambient oriented but very punctual where it is needed, creating contrasts and shadows, because of the smart selection of materials and the visual effects that can be done with its textures.

The project reenacts the aesthetics of the revival of the financial markets in Mexico. A proposal that reimagines objects, materials and formal details made in marble, wood and metal, the principal elements of this proposal, and light being the coat that wraps and gives its materiality to each object and form, letting them blend in contemporary design in a timeless eclecticism.

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