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As the core concept of the brand, the reorganized philosophy of art was bound to be dismantled and conveyed through the design language.

The whole arc-shaped hot curved glass was at the bottom, and the dark green to black color changed. A strange device created with the core inspiration symbols, like a spider’s tentacle, stood between the window, blurring the boundary between art and retail.

The “spider’s order” was used as a guide and was about to come

Modern civilization has created countless parts for contemporary mankind, and design also responds here. The concept of “Modularity” is used to realize the penetration of context, so as to complete the change and reconstruction of spatial content.

Project: KVK City Concept Store

Project Location: Chengdu, China

Area: 180m²

Completion Time: October 2021

Design Firm: ATMOSPHERE Architects

Chief Designer: Tommy Yu

Design Team: April Lo, Chloe Chen, Mao Mao

Animation Design: Vivi Lee

Video Production: YIMEDUO Design

Lighting Solution: ArtLuci x Owen

Wall Craft Solution: souls

Installation Art: Studio Potpourri

Photographer: Chuan He from Here Space

Article: SIJIA

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