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Brand Overview
All types of “Bybelo” Saffron are carefully picked from each harvest of the special Moroccan farms.

We provide our unique Saffron only during its specific season, quickly plucked and perfectly prepared to assure a pure organic quality. Our main partners are the Berber women that we gladly buy their own amazing products provided by their farms, as we annually offer them 10% of the profits. We do appreciate the healthy benefits of Saffron, besides its amazing impact on creating different types of dishes, cosmetics, many pieces of art, and a variety of precious herbs.

Belo Story
“Belo” is not just a name, it tells a historical and personal story as well!

Belo is my nickname since childhood, it was chosen by my brothers. For me, it describes friendship, soul mates, and brotherhood, regarding “by” which means that the project is owned by me, Belo. My cultural inheritance was strongly affecting the way I treat the environment around me. I started my youth journeys by riding horses in Lagos Polo Club, a really unforgettable experience. The horses are culturally sacred animals for Arabs and Middle Easterners, as Arabs used to ride horses for all voyages across scorching deserts and many more. Saffron is a truly expensive product, and it was transferred by horses between ancient countries. Regarding the logo’s design, the horse symbol in red and gold, for the name saffron is known as “The Reddish Gold”. The pair of horses stand for the partners, and here I mean that Saffron helps us to balance our lives as it provides us with strong energy to be alive and to improve the way we think and feel, and it means the feeling of Partnership and Caring.

Packaging concept
based on the pillars of the brand, which are:(Authenticity, Responsibility, & Caring), I did my best to create a unique packaging that describes those concepts and refers to the heritage of Morocco especially the historical city of “Casablanca”. As the main objective of Bybelo is to provide the best hand-picked Saffron, and natural fragrances; highlighting this mission in the packaging design was a must.

Therefore, I chose three elements for the packing design:
The true Redstarts bird as it is one of the endemic species of the high Atlas Mountains, providing care for its young by bringing food until adulthood. The second element is Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca as it is an authentic symbol of Morocco’s cultural heritage, it is the second largest masjid in Africa and the 7th largest in the world. The third element is Moroccan tajin, as it is related to cooking and saffron spices.

Designed by Gamal Assy


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