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Targeting an in-the-know demographic, SKIN LALA‘s newest salon and spa totally looks the part. Situated on the premises of the Century Jinyuan Business Centre, a mixed-use complex in the emerging suburban Sijiqingzhen neighbourhood of Beijing, it features an understated and modern interior design by local design and architecture practice ISENSE DESIGN. Occupying 300 sqm. (3,229 sq.ft.), the chosen design codes are inspired by SKIN LALA‘s brand philosophy ‘activating the power of skin with a scientific spirit’, and especially focuses on the element of water as it both nourishes and cleanses. As such, the five states of water have been translated into a modern black and predominantly white palette, captured by lacquered panels, mirror panels, jade sand glass, glass bricks, and also tempered glass.

The brand’s scientific approach obviously is an important factor as well, resulting in many futuristic accents, including the way SKIN LALA‘s merchandise is put on display, notably the infusion bags and injections, in addition to signage and a sophisticated use of light across the premises. In stark contrast, the spa section is entirely in black. The head care area even boasts a glistening starry ceiling, supplemented by projections on the wall which creates a theatre-like sensation. Lighting here is extremely restrained in this space, where footlights are used to guide the way. All the equipment is hidden in the black stainless steel slot at the top, and the curved top, and jade sand glass break the monotony in the narrow and long corridor.

The public restroom is divided into two parts by black and white to increase the visual width. Anticipating today’s snap-happy young customers, the full-length mirrors are geared to take selfies. Each room has a luminous acrylic sign at the door and has a sophisticated lighting and sound system. So, when a client arrives, the light will slowly increase and automated greeting words and music will be played automatically. SKINLALA‘s ladies room is equally sleek, hiding all unnecessary equipment and air vents in invisible places. Arched design elements extend in this space, adding visual drama, and combined with the soft lighting this yet another photogenic spot. Obviously, the new SKIN LALA salon carries the brand’s full range of products.

Photography: Lu Bo


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