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In 1983, the Kuntsevo shopping center was created as an exemplary technical center for the sale and maintenance of Zhiguli cars, which used advanced technology equipment and highly qualified specialists.

To date, the Kuntsevo Technical Center has the status of an official dealer of more than 25 automotive brands, which are concentrated on an area of more than 25 hectares in the West of Moscow.

Create a new positioning and develop a new corporate identity that will:

Be in line with the strategy developed during the workshop (correlate with the values, vision and essence of the brand “it’s EASY with us”);Translate at the level of emotional perception: comfort, lightness, trust, reliability;Maintain a share of continuity and recognition in the logo (reflecting the history of the brand and its development)Distinguish the brand from competitors, reflect the company’s “new” approach to car sales and service;· Effectively work both on communication media with the consumer and on internal corporate media.

It is important that the new visual identity of the brand inspires confidence among consumers, is associated with the simplicity and ease of performing the task, with reliability and professionalism.

The client commissioned us to solve a big strategic task – developing the positioning and promotion of the company, determining the value and mission of the brand. The next step after developing the brand platform was to update the corporate identity and develop a brand book.

For a task of this level, our Vysota workshop, together with key employees of the company, became the best solution.

The workshop helped the company assess the market situation and smoothly “reformat” in the current realities that are changing before our eyes, including the transition from traditional European brands to Asian ones, the trend towards a gradual shift away from internal combustion engines and an increase in the share of electric and hybrid engines.

During two days of hard work, many value propositions and ideas were developed. Employees talked to real buyers, got to know their pains and needs, were able to understand what to offer, what to interest and how to refine services so that they are most in demand among customers.

The value of this approach lies in the fact that employees, using authoring techniques, independently create a brand platform step by step. We always says that great brands are born inside the company. Everything that is created by one’s own hands is valued higher.

Based on customer quotes collected during the strategic session, we formulated consumer insight and identified the main problem – the fear of being unheard and deceived, the need to control everything yourself.

In response to this, the team formulated a vision for the brand: Kuntsevo is a unique technical center with a worthy, thoughtful service that allows you to find stability, harmony and a comfortable life.

Kuntsevo is about ease: easy to buy, easy to sell, easy to interact.

We have updated the corporate identity, making the letters “Kuntsevo” more modern and lighter. Simplified communication with the buyer. The new corporate identity fully reflects the concept that we have developed together with key employees of the company.

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