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John Li Studio created a sleek high-rise office for the Sinobravo team in Shanghai, China. “Running water does not compete for the first place, but the competition is endless.”. “The saying is originated from Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching. We should not strive for temporary pleasure, but for long-term consideration. Adhering to long-term doctrine is the principle and values pursued by Sinobravo.”

Inspired by this, in the interior design of Sinobravo Shanghai Office, the designer arranged the glass conference room in the center, around which other functions such as staff area, tea area, independent office and negotiation room were arranged to create circuitous moving lines and transparent space analysis so as to stimulate the vitality of the office.

Employees no longer have a fixed workstation. When they arrive at the office every day, they can put their personal belongings in the locker, and then choose the mode suitable for the current working state, such as bench workstation, conference room or negotiation room with sound insulation effect, and of course, a cup of coffee, and talk freely with colleagues at the bar or bench seating by the window. Openness and inclusiveness not only blur the functional areas, but also integrate collaboration.

Flexible office space can better meet the different needs of team members, such as different working methods and working environments, as well as conference system facilities, which are important factors for teamwork. These allow team members to change from independent working mode to teamwork mode, communicate and discuss freely, and be focused and efficient.

Designers have set up a cultural wall in the office area so that employees can share their ideas, project results or other inspirational content.

The introduction of plants can improve indoor air quality and help create a comfortable and warm working environment.

Blue, which represents water and Shanghai-style culture, is the main color of the decoration. Calm blue helps employees to stay relaxed and focused, and improves their mood and enthusiasm. The pattern on the carpet is like the wave light of water flow and the water ripple pattern on the wallpaper, which is an important decorative element of this case. The artwork in the negotiation room is the paper art work “Surge” by Zhu Guangrong, the inheritor of paper art, which echoes the concept that running water does not compete for the first place. It not only reflects the company’s humanistic feelings of innovation and warmth, but also implies the enterprise spirit of pursuing long-term value.

Design: John Li Studio
Design Team: John Li, Yi Zhou, Ling Li
Photography: Peng Sha


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