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With a simple and natural green as the dominant tone, complemented by large areas of vermilion fabric wall coverings, the overall ambiance creates an elegant and rustic eastern atmosphere. At the entrance, the green-black marble floor and vermilion-red wall form a striking contrast, captivating the visitors. These two highly contrasting colors are boldly and unapologetically displayed, showcasing the grace and magnanimity of the entire Chinese culture. Upon entering the lobby, the orderly arrangement of linguistic forms interprets the design’s breaking and reconstruction of ceremonial and formal structures: a sequence arranged along the axis → the use of vertical cylindrical blocks. In breaking the traditional mold, a new order is constructed, seeking harmony in the diversity of spatial forms. In terms of lighting fixtures, a variety of palace-style lamp shapes have been selected, harmonizing with the ancient charm and elegance of the space. As you ascend the steps to a higher place, you encounter the color green once again. Within the warm vermilion aura, the road paved with bluestone seems to gently recount past stories. Each private room is adorned with narratives that whisper in your ears, some elegant and refined, others vibrant and rich, and some warm and lovely. In the sky-blue misty rain, it’s the anticipation by the vast window, and it’s also the vision of a bright future by the heroic riverside. The river’s reflection, framed through the glass, captures your figure.

Space Design: LDH DESIGN

Chief Designer: Liu Daohua

Furniture Consultant: San Yi He Mei

Photographer: He Chuan

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