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On the banks of the Slender West Lake, amidst the array of grand estates, “Qu Yuan” stands out as a unique gem. Each step unveils a new pavilion, allowing you to experience the splendor of all four seasons. Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty visited Jiangnan six times, with four visits to this very spot. His poetic musings, “Occasionally stepping into it becomes interesting,” inspired the name “Qu Yuan” (where “Qu” translates to “Fun” or “Interesting”, and “Yuan” means “Garden” in Chinese).

With the changing times, Qu Yuan has witnessed fluctuations. Today, it encapsulates a glimpse of urban life, where people gather to enjoy morning tea, listen to Yangzhou Pinghua (a local folk art performed in the Yangzhou dialect), and stroll through bustling markets. Time has become the seasoning of our daily lives, slowly refining the delicate flavors of Chinese culture.

Led by the pioneering figure of contemporary Huai Yang cuisine, Chen Wanqing, “Qu Yuan Plus” quietly emerges. The landscape, rooted in the tradition of classical Chinese gardens, harmonizes with the sleek and elegant modern architecture.

Designer Liu Daohua has infused the charm of garden strolls into the interior design, allowing visitors to evoke the pleasure of leisurely exploring mountain forests and serene solitude. The classical oriental essence seamlessly merges indoors and outdoors, where the exterior exudes vitality and lushness, while the interior emanates tranquility.

Design Firm: LDH DESIGN (

Photographer: Wang Ting

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