March 24th, 2011 by retail design blog

A successful marriage of artisanal furniture making and the precision of digital tools gives flat wood surfaces a sculptural dimension. Used on MDF, this tool-programming technology creates surfaces with various motifs (infinite repetitions of perforations, folds, waves, grooves and so forth). An exaggerated 3-D effect occurs when MDF featuring layers of different colours is ‘carved’ to show high relief. Ideal for architectural applications such as walls, doors and ceilings (also, in some cases, water- and fire-resistant surfaces). Surfaces include veneers, mother-of-pearl and soft textures.

Cardboard Columns by Michael Hansmeyer
We're big fans of cardboard architecture, but in most cases, the material yi...
Cellscreen by Korban/Flaubert
Decorative honeycomb screen from anodised aluminium.
Deluxe Acoustics spherical Hi-Fi speakers
Thanks to a spherical shape and patented technologies, the sound that comes ...
Brace chair by Samuel Wilkinson
An “arch brace” is a curved piece of wood that acts as a secondary fixing to...

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