Hermès workshop window display by Kliment v Klimentov, Dubai

March 26th, 2013 by retail design blog

Hermès Workshop is a window display inspired by the real factory of the brand. It brings us through the unique process of creating each product by the hands of skillful artisans presented as the coachman from the logo of Hermès. It all happens in a exclusively designed double story dollhouse with French windows on the back and open front side. The small craftsmen interact with the mannequins and use their mall tools to sew garments, make shoes, produce leather goods, design jewelries, decorate and bake porcelain.

Designed by Kliment v Klimentov

The props are made of forex outlined on Adobe Illustrator CS5 and cut by a laser machine. Then each prop is sketched by hand using black copying pencil to create a three-dimensional look on top of the flat forex cutout. Props and products are merchandised together to simply demonstrate the act of creating each product.


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