Pizzaro pizzeria by The Next Idea, UAE

July 14th, 2014 by retail design blog

Pizzaro is a new type of Pizzeria in UAE – the concept is to take the best of Pizza and just made it better! The mission is to replicate the quality, both in the method of preparation and using authentic and fresh ingredients, which gives the original Italian pizza its authentic flavor. Our client’s commitment is to deliver quality, innovation, service and value for money.

The interior design is a modern yet classical design, using natural wood and tile finishes, with integration of chrome and diffused lighting to enhance the night glow that makes the restaurant stand out visually. From the day of conception, the restaurant development team, The Next Idea Group, based in Los Angeles and Dubai, set out to reflect the client philosophy using the name Pizzaro and allowing products to speak for themselves; portraying freshness and unsurpassed flavor.

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