221Restir Store, Tokyo – Japan

April 24th, 2015 by retail design blog

Just watching the pace at which Tokyo’s retail landscape continuously evolves leaves you breathless. It’s fair to say that shopping here is a form of escapism – and a refined one at that – from the daily grind. And if you add the innate sense of aesthetics and love for top-notch quality, it’s hardly surprising the city is dotted with so many quirky, cool and highly sophisticated store concepts. The sprawling Harajuku Maze is a fertile habitat for glittering flagships of the planet’s leading luxury brands, chain stores and indie boutiques, and there’s so much activity that the retail landscape can potentially change overnight. Just off cat street, a busy pedestrian trail lined with standalone boutiques, a new shopping complex recently opened named Six Harajuku Terrace. It consists of two low-rise buildings laid around a central terrace, and its the home of six new fashion and lifestyle boutiques.

Following openings in Tokyo’s Roppongi area and one in Osaka, it’s right here at Six Harajuku Terrace where Japanese high-end retailer Restir pushes its retail concept 221restir further into the limelight. The store occupies two light-filled floors within the complex, featuring a contemporary interior that’s defined by a minimalist interior of shelving in sleek black steel, chunky furnishings, and of course, expansive floor-to-ceiling windows. The 221Restir boutiques serve a younger demographic than the regular Restir stores and their offerings are more in sync with current street trends. The new 221Restir store accordingly carries select men’s and women’s merchandise from Japan and abroad that suits their taste. Currently in stock are jewellery pieces by Yazbukey, House of Holland t-shirts, Leo bags and shoes, and men’s apparel by white mountaineering and women’s collections by Facetasm.

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