Lumee Restaurant Interior & Brand Design by I-AM, Manama – Bahrain

August 28th, 2015 by retail design blog

Lumee is a new exciting fast-casual grill restaurant, designed by I-AM in close collaboration with the Al Abraaj Restaurant Group. The aim – to celebrate and embody the exotic spirit of the Middle East and buzzing street-food atmosphere.

Taking the fine traditions and heritage of the Middle-East, a contemporary style has been added to the mix to produce an exciting experience for diners and passers-by. Inspired by the name Lumee – meaning lemon or lime – vivid yellow and green highlights bring a sharp contemporary accent to the design and contrast with the traditional themes and textures. Wooden tables handcrafted by local artisans sit alongside contemporary chairs, whilst the ornate, colourful bazaar-inspired tiles add a decorative element to the simple, polished monolithic copper counter and modern lighting pendants. Faithful to the Middle Eastern meze-dining tradition, the seating has been designed to allow for a cozy, comfortable and sharing experience.

In addition to the dining offer, Lumee offers an amazing array of local products and produce; pickled lemon jars, harissa paste and other Deli staples, allowing for a spot of browsing as they spill out into the restaurant’s threshold and invite you in.

Design: I-AM

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2 thoughts on “Lumee Restaurant Interior & Brand Design by I-AM, Manama – Bahrain

  1. I love this design!! The look is so different than what we get here in Canada. I can see this influencing a lot of interior decorators, it just looks like a forward thinking place. Lots of energy and just a positive atmosphere. I can see how this would be a “buzzing street market”, just wish we had more of these in Saskatchewan!!

    Cool article!


  2. DK-decor says:

    Great work actually!!! Nice uploaded photographs. I’m extremely interested in your blogs. Thanks for sharing.

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