Zivame lingerie store by Restore, Bangalore – India

March 4th, 2016 by retail design blog

90% of women wear the wrong size of bra. This is true across countries, income, age and any other method of classifying them. Zivame is an online lingerie portal that has built a reputation for fine products and service. But it felt that without trained assistance many women were still choosing the wrong size and fit of bra.

And so, the Zivame Fit Lounge was born.
With entry restricted to women, it is an exclusive space where women can try out a variety of lingerie and, with the help of trained fit consultants, find the perfect fit.

Located on Indiranagar’s 100ft Road, Bangalore’s premiere high street shopping area, it is a space that extends the brand’s philosophy. Designed to recall a giant-sized walk-in closet, the store is personal and intimate, a reflection of who a woman is within. The colours are muted: a soft white backdrop with accents of the brand colour. Yet it adds a sense of power too with black highlights, drop down lights and strong visuals.

Divided into two zones, the meeting area and the trial area, each zone reflects the function and purpose of the space. The meeting area is structured to promote a conversation between the fit consultant and the customer, with furniture that allows privacy and encourages the customer to feel secure.

The path to the trial area is a long corridor, lined on one side with full-length mirrors. The trial rooms are designed to look like private dressing rooms with informal seating and furniture which help the customer relax. And promote friendly interaction between the consultant and customer.

And when the customer finds the perfect fit and the lingerie that makes her feel really comfortable and good about herself, she is assisted by the consultant to buy the lingerie of her choice.
And one by one, customers leave the 90%!

Designed by Restore
Photography by Santosh

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