EZO Cheesecakes & Bakery by Evonil Architecture, North Jakarta – Indonesia

October 27th, 2017 by retail design blog

The project is inspired by the classical yet elegant bakery shop with strong European taste interior design, meanwhile to implement the Japanese brand into the interior design is a challenging design task. EZO Cheesecakes & Bakery is specialized in creating delicious cheesecakes inspired from Hokkaido cheesecakes in Japan. The design challenge is to create a new & unique concept design for EZO Cheesecakes & Bakery chain to lead the innovative unique brand of the company by keeping as strong classical interior design elements as the traditional and Japanese interior design authentic character of the brand.

The combination between the classical interior design and Japanese interior design blend into one strong, original, and unique ‘twist’ of interior design, emphasizing the usage of blue pastel finish to upscale the feminine feel. Hence the store consists with the touch of classical design with ‘Japan’ interior design twist, made out of solid white marble pattern, bronze mirror, and wood finishing carpentry with a blue pastel finish at the wall. Bright, clean, and clear lighting for the ceiling emphasizing the visual attractiveness from the entrance door and also emphasizing bakery display of the main bakery goods.

As additional decorative items at the wall, frames and wall lamps complete and invigorate the touch of classical interior design strengthened by the glass ceiling and glass wall design, enhancing natural sunlight into the interior. For the costumer seating area, the main sitting area is located across from the counter is designed with a long costume made blue couch and rectangle tables from white Carrara marble. The walls are painted in a blue pastel shade creating a character to the wall to the long rectangular space. The fish bone wood floor with 2-tone color blends a luxurious and calm feeling into the design to create a united and warm atmosphere.

Design: Evonil Architecture
Photography: Bluprin

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