Bakalaki greek taverna by Dimitris Economou Interiors, Singapore

November 30th, 2017 by retail design blog

Bakalaki – the other side of Greece. A playful interior full of lively textures and eye-catching finishing touches create an irresistible combination which brings out another touch of Greece. Bakalaki aims to offer a “dine at home” feeling, a “trip to original Greek tastes and hospitality”. The heart of the team is utterly Greek, with traditional passion mixed with innovative spirit and ideas.

Every day, they open up their “home”, BAKALAKI to welcome their guests whom they consider as friends and family, a feeling widely found in Greece. The guests may all speak different languages and come from various places, but the team is eager to make them feel at home, by showing them more about the true Greece which is far more than interiors with old folklore replicas of the Parthenon.

A fine balancing of modern and vintage touches results in a unique identity of the Greek traditional “Bakaliko” (a traditional delicatessen store), presented in a contemporary twist. The famous Greek summer, with the clear blue skies, the aroma of lemon and orange trees, the olives, are represented through colors and decorative carefully chosen, in order to bring out the Greek easy going feeling.

The wide palette of materials used, consists mainly of brass, timber, teak wood, patterned vintage tiles, leather and vintage fabrics in earthly colors. The whole area is filled with soft furnishings creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. The homey environment of “Bakalaki” is enhanced by long and large tables to cater groups of family members or friends who share their lunches and dinner.

Design: Dimitris Economou Interiors
Photography: Cedric Vrolant

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