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Totally Sexy With disco balls, spotlights, glitter, and mirrors, the young-fashion brand TALLY WEiJL invites its self-assured protagonists to step into a world that reflects their lifestyle. TALLY WEiJL makes carefree fashionistas the stars of the show and celebrates the ‘fun-loving’ credo of the target teenage-market segment. Of course — as distinctive brand elements — the bunnies shouldn’t go without mention here. The new glittering worlds of TALLY WEiJL came into being in Berlin, Bonn, and Basel based on a design concept envisioned by Dan Pearlman. In 2008, Dan Pearlman redesigned the TALLY WEiJL Design Center in Paris.

The approach was to refashion the outlook of the brand in its creative epicenter of Paris, and then to transport this vision to all new TALLY WEiJL shops. Theatrical conception of space With its airily designed façade that conveys a sense of the store’s scale, a strong impression is made before one even enters the space. Via the use of illuminated adverts to focus attention around the checkout counters, and brightly painted walls for presenting clothing in prominent ways, a highly effective, theatrical interrelationship of elements emerges.

It guides the customer around the store and allows for the discovery of new things to the left or right in various sections of the store. The stairs leading from the ground floor to the first level were widened and new, additional decoration and highlight zones were created. Via this expansion, as well as the use of bright colors, a “stage” was fashioned that expresses in architectural terms the musical world and club-culture vibe of the exuberant, selfassured clientele.

The club design also includes chrome light boxes and oversized loudspeakers, which—covered in glitter, and in combination with poster-like lettering in the escalator and elevator zones—contribute to an authentic, overall style. The lounge-/chill out- and changing-room area, by contrast, invites customers to linger comfortably and to try on clothes at ease.

Comfy Chesterfield-style seating offers a spot to catch one’s breath, while the changing rooms offer a more intimate atmosphere. Modeled after boudoirs from an eighteenth-century French castle, the spaces allow even the most stressful day of shopping to be enjoyed to the fullest.

Lifestyle world for target groups TALLY customers are self confident women, who enjoy life and like to be dressed in a sexy way. The target groups rather define themselves over lifestyle and attitude than over age. This can also be recognized by the communication, advertising and marketing activities of the enterprise. And while the communicational claim of the company has changed from „totally sexy “ to „totally TALLY“, Dan Pearlman has tied this in the architecture and adopted this to the shop design.

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