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This design job required a compelling concept, which visually differs from an ordinary retail store. The goal was to inspire people through the attractive design to step into the store and become new customers. For this reason the design had to be very clever and appealing, but keeping it in the required budget range. The design should leave an intense impression on the visitor in a way they will remember the brand and style.

In spite of the floor plan the rather narrow and relatively long room admitted to a number of thematic areas that have been coordinated with the various collections of the brand. The flexibility of shelf systems for the exhibition of footwear and accessories was divided into four main sections: an “L” shaped shelf member, a “double L” shaped unit, a shelf for exclusive merchandise and display cubes for the window exhibition.

To keep the space visually very roomy it was important to make sure that the shelving units are designed as narrow as possible so that the customer feels comfortable despite the cramped space and the merchandise comes into its own.

The individual shelf members of the “L” and “double-L” shelf system are screwed on panels and they hung on the wall on an invisible construction. The three different types of designed shelf elements determine the image, which are only interrupted by large open spaces. In these free areas jackets and coats are shown to the customers. The “exclusive shelf” in the front area of the store has a positive-negative subject. There is not that much exhibition space available for this high-leveled product.

The diminution of only beautiful surfaces in this area should increase the feeling of exclusivity and significantly differs to the adjacent shelving units in terms of material, surfaces, light and shadow. This distinction is intended to encourage the customer to purchase the more exclusive merchandise.

The area directly visible in the window display area is achieved by two huge designed dices on casters (“Display cubes”) with different levels of individual elements of various elongated tubes that fit into the base square of the dices. These cube elements can react to changing collections and can be redecorated quickly and easily.

Designed by Studio OneWay

Photographer: Stefan Josef Müller

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