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Clifton Leung, a veteran in retail shop design has recently completed a revolutionary retail project for one2free, witnessing the birth of the biggest mobile store in the city. The unconventional design and the brand new customer experience have taken the mobile retail industry by storm.

“For one2free Megastore debut, our design must fulfill the client’s requirements both from a functional and a symbolic standpoint,” said Clifton Leung, Founder and Chief Designer of Clifton Leung Design Workshop. “As a vibrant company making a significant jump to the next phase of its development, one2free strives to challenge the traditional concepts of the mobile retail industry.”

One2free needs a space to turn mobile retail shopping into a come-and hang out social experience. Gone are the days where mobile retail shops are covered with wall of phones and customers need to queue up to be served.

Capitalizing on the high ceiling and the prime location in the city hubbub Mongkok, Clifton turns the 2-storey, 6,000 sq.ft. space into a modern loft design, accentuated by signature brick walls, black metal frames, pitched roof and an airy open space. The design concept symbolizes the contemporary and hip lifestyle of the younger generation in metropolitan cities like Manhattan, Los Angeles etc.

Clifton utilizes dramatic LED light-changing pitched roof on both floors to create a captivating façade and entrance to pull in more customers. Different shades of ambience lighting create a memorable customer experience and prolong their stay within the store. The megastore comprises various experience and leisure zones, where live devices are stylishly embedded in the zones to enhance the touch and feel of the latest products in a relaxing atmosphere. Representative elements include:

The Loft – Fly with 4G and 3D at the home entertainment section. Clifton created a cozy environment with a living room setting. A stylish display cabinet adorned with lifestyle display and novels. Visitors can experience 3D movies while seated at the comfy curved sofa, or chill out in the seating area with live devices to truly experience the power of 3D technologies and speed of 4G LTE.

Inspired by The Spanish Steps in Rome, one2free Musicholic™ Zone features a one-of-a-kind indoor steps in natural recycled wood complemented by green stones seating and innovative planter with live devices display. The mirror ceiling above the steps create an interesting visual effect. Overlooking the bustling street through the floor to ceiling window, while listening to a favorite song on the steps, visitors can truly immerse in the world of music with utmost enjoyment.

DIY Zone: Stemming from the concept of a vintage workshop, Clifton adds various mechanical lamp design on an L-shape worktop. An inspiring zone where customers can personalize their phones and demonstrate their creativity.

SiFu Studio: An extended zone from the DIY section, the two zones are connected by a symmetrical yellow brick wall, presenting a congruent and eye-catching design. Also characterized by an L-shape table, this studio is exclusively for customers to learn the coolest features of mobile device with one2free’s gadget geeks.

Feature Wall with Brand Messages: Key messages are presented in form of raised words in shades of grey and white against feature walls in white break and stainless steel. The simple design is in line with the minimalistic loft setup.

Last but not least, huge posters with images of metropolitan cities around the world reinforce the loft concept even within the washroom. To Clifton, every meticulous detail counts to bring the loft concept alive for one2free revolutionary megastore, a place where customer experience in digital lifestyle is redefined.

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