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Designed by Restore Solutions, the store brings alive the brand’s passion for shoes, their obsession with quality and the craftsmanship of an era bygone. RUOSH is a brand apart in the sea of footwear retailers, they work with fine and rare leather, their products are handcrafted, a brand obsessed with quality and worked with designer in Italy to create masterpieces. RUOSH, which means “Passion” in Sanskrit, is a brand that lived by its name.

Restore Solutions was given the challenge of creating a store that will resonate with the brand’s rich roots and heritage and to create a new experience for footwear shopper across the country.

The store design was inspired by the values of regality, quality and respect. The materials used to bring alive the store have a lasting quality about them. Wood is a material that has a timeless quality about it. It is one of the few materials that actually breathes, ages gracefully with time and exudes certain warmth that is unmatched. A rich Wenge wood was used to dress up the store. The walls as well as the flooring got this warm treatment. It is a symbol of everlasting quality!

Deep brown leather stitched or riveted to the wall cladding complements the wood in the space. The leather cladding completes the spatial experience by adding texture and feel to the store.

An inverted lamp post within the space, is a metaphorical representation of the brands approach towards uniqueness. It’s a physical manifestation of the thought process that allows RUOSH to craft shoes with character and panache. Sometimes eccentric but something extraordinary.

The display niches are a representation of the brands deep rooted culture and stability of thought and purpose. They are a combination of symmetric and the functional with a hint of a stagger, a touch of flamboyance. The niches are lit from within and the glow is contained within the niche, focusing the attention to the product it is displaying. The furniture design takes on the same language. Upholstered in the rich leather, the furniture is tastefully eclectic. The lighting is warm, which brings out the texture of the wood of the space and importantly of the leather of the shoes.

Picture frames within the space are mood generating. Black and white pictures, sepia tints etc make the space something that has earned its respect, as its products surely will.
The heritage wall in the store is where the passion for the trade is focused on. This is the section which is the DNA of the brand. How it begins and what evolves into a product of great quality. A symbolic representation of the foundation of the brand and its business mantra. The process story forms the reading material for the zones along with samples of the stages.

The store is divided into 5 zoning areas, the secluded zoning also allows the space to be treated with a touch of exclusivity. Thescasuals zone, showcase the latest in design. This space is shared by the heritage section on the opposite wall. The core of the brand RUOSH, that makes it different from other stores, is the passion. The passion for the material, the passion for the product, the passion to create. This important brand value needs to be established early on and hence the section is in the foreground of the stores’ zoning demarcation.

This is followed by the work section. The classic, contemporary and semiformal shoes form the bulk of the stores interest. A customer browsing through the WORK section has complete visual access to the niche Occassions section as well as the trendy Casual section. This is the heart of the store. Subconsciously as well as spatially.

The work section leads to the OCCASSIONS/ CLUB/ WEDDING section. These are shoes of impeccable craftsmanship and quality of material. They are hence positioned at the very end of the store to give it the exclusivity it deserves. The cash counter is placed at the entrance area along with the accessory section making billing and impulse purchases a smooth and quick affair.
With RUOSH, we have observed that people now identify the brand by the craftsmanship wall that is there in every RUOSH store. The wall is building a knowledge bridge between the brand and the customer, who is now more impressed with the product, knowing finally how it came about. This has instilled a strong brand recall value to the store.

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