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Brand Head, the Creative PR Event agency, brought the Geneva Watch-making Grand Prix (Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève) to Beijing for the first time in history from October 11-13, 2013. Brand Head is a workplace in which ideas are converted into experiences beyond imagination thanks to a very brilliant international marketing event team. For over 5 years they have been designing, fabricating, installing and managing exhibits for many businesses. They have offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

The main difference between Brand Head and other Chinese agencies is that the Creative team is composed of experienced, innovative minds from around the world, with worldwide spirit, and it develops cutting edge ideas. The GPHG has been organized for the first time in Beijing thanks to the recent gradual opening of this country to trade of high-quality watches with precious design. With the direction and the sophisticated vision of the Artistic Director and the perfect organization of Brand Head’s Creative Team, the exhibition has been a great show of class and creative design.

The place chosen for the exhibition have been Yishu-8, une maison des Artes, the former Sino-French University that has become a house dedicated to the arts and its artists’ residence. It is a quiet place, hidden from the crowded and busy streets, yet in the center of the city. It’s a corner of paradise. Referring to the Artistic Director’s words, “the venue has been chosen because it reflects the traditional, aesthetic and imaginative Chinese location” and “we wanted to make a fusion between the traditional Chinese culture and the modernity of these First Class watches”.

Brand Head, with its Design Visual Sculptor, projected the form of the showcase: they represent the spectrogram showing the sound made by watches’ tick tock. This aspect is processed playing with the shape of the glass, mirrors and transparency. The project has been elaborated with 3D design software. The structure has been invented around a diamond’s shape, creating 6 different angles and views, working also inside the case and reflecting the pattern of the ceiling all around the case: “The concept was that, through this game of mirrors, people could be able to see the perfection of watches combined with the ancient story of the place”, as the Director said, and: “Also if you come closer, you can see the wonder on your face as you look at watches”.

Little details make the difference and so watches have been put on traditional Chinese stones bought inside a typical market of Beijing. In order to reach perfection, the main color of the exhibit has been black, elegant and luxurious, set against the pure white light of the display window, like shiny jewels contrasting with the dark. To conclude, the Artistic Director states: “As you can see, it seems like the showcases are floating in the venue, and lights inside are like small miniature objects which are part of the structure”.

It has been very difficult to organize the exhibition, more so than in any other country; however, the biggest problem has been the research for a supplier able to cut the glass and modify it: “Brand Head asked to about 20 providers before finding someone!” People who attended the exhibition have been really impressed by the design and the creativity of the performance which led to a great example of Brand Head team’s visual art applied to luxury.

Artistic Director: Jean-Charles Penot
3D Artistic Designer: Phu Nhin Ho
Photos and Video: Alex Cheney
Author: Brian Bentoglio

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