Dyson Customer Support Center by IA Interior Architects, Aurora – Illinois

December 25th, 2013 by retail design blog

Household appliance company Dyson moved into a new Customer Support Center in Aurora, Illinois in 2012. Designed by IA Interior Architects, the office space is meant to integrate the Dyson brand with the necessary functions of a call and support center. Just as Dyson marries design and functionality in its products to elevate unsung household appliances into iconic objects, it’s no surprise that its US Customer Support Center in Aurora, IL is not your typical call center.

At the outset, Dyson had several requests: it had to be a space that would reflect its brand, and have a clean, fresh aesthetic that could be a showcase for company’s unique array of products.From a functional perspective, Dyson wanted an plan that would support open, direct communication among the staff. And lastly, it wanted an open, lofty feel; the ceiling was to be left open with the deck exposed, but somehow the acoustic challenges associated with the very nature of a call center would have to be addressed.

Walking through the 14,000-sq.-ft. space, one will notice the various ways that the brand and functional requirements were met and seamlessly integrated. Acoustical challenges were addressed by applying panels directly to the deck, combined with scattered floating acoustical clouds reinforced with acoustical batting above the drywall clouds (to prevent sound from bouncing back up into the deck). Non-panel based, bench-like workstations as well as standing-height worksurfaces for managers is more conducive to the open, direct communication Dyson desired.

Architectural “ribbons” in the ceiling to guide the employees to the “build bars” (areas where they can provide accurate feedback to a phone customer via hands-on experience with Dyson products) and to code areas for the managers. In short, the call center acts as a flexible work environment that allows the personnel to quickly disassemble a piece of equipment, run into a private meeting room, or meet with a supervisor all while on the phone with a caller.

Overall, the Center is a reflection of the Dyson brand. Oversized graphics, a visually compelling company timeline, and product displays—all set against a minimal color palette—were critical to creating the right energy and communicating brand attributes.

Design: IA Interior Architects
Photography: Paul Morgan


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