En Route store by Schemata Architects, Ginza – Japan

February 12th, 2015 by retail design blog

Schemata Architects installs plastic scaffolding in En Route Ginza.

The front room of the store features tall ceilings, reaching 6 meters in height. The entirely glass storefront façade allows for transparency from the street and sidewalk, as well as a primarily daylit interior environment. The back area splits into two levels, with private spaces below and additional apparel above. Beyond its display of fashion and accessory items, ‘En Route Ginza’ contains a running station, to contribute to its sports-centric brand identity.

For the design of ‘En Route’, a fashion retail store in Ginza, Japan, Schemata Architects has installed a series of ‘slightly over-sized furniture’ structures composed of industrial scaffolding made of FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) piping. The open frameworks serve for hanging clothing or otherwise are infilled with simple shelving and wooden boxes for displaying the diverse range of products and housing dressing rooms and additional stock.

Design: Schemata Architects
Photography: Kenta Hasegawa
All images courtesy of Schemata Architects

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