Onça Bookshelf by Henrique Steyer

February 14th, 2015 by retail design blog

Unusual bookshelf by Henrique Steyer takes the spotlight in Brazilian design show.

This week, the new pieces from Henrique Steyer Furniture will be released in São Paulo, Brazil. The collection highlight will be the Onça Bookshelf, inspired in the jaguar, a typical Brazilian animal in threat of extinction. This astonishing piece, with an unusual shape and large proportions, is composed by several parts mixing wood and black lacquer finishes. It is positively a sculpture that doubles as storage for books and objects. The official release will happen at the MuBE (Brazilian Sculpture Museum), where maker Moora Design will present pieces from Henrique Steyer Furniture alongside another design heavyweights such as Marcelo Rosenbaum and Zanini de Zanine. After the São Paulo release, the Onça Bookshelf sails to Milan, Italy, where it will represent Brazil in the world’s largest design event, that happens in April.

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  1. Very nice. These are the latest designs that you shared over here. But you need a creative mind to generate such things for your customers. It is the style that you can use in your office and home both. It can be used as placing books, decoration pieces and a style in your living area.

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