Tangle – Lighting installation by Flip Sellin & Claudia Pineda De Castro, Milan – Italy

June 11th, 2015 by retail design blog

Tangle – a sculptural pendant light installation – consisting of three intertwined modules and one single element. Tangle is inspired by modern jewellery, spatial mobiles and the crystalline molecular structure of natural stone. The intricate combination of brass and hand picked stone requires the highest standard of craftsmanship and precision. Integrated LED strips are accentuating the different characteristics of both brass and stone in terms of reflection and light diffusion.

Tangle was debuted at the Salone del Mobile Milan in April 2015. The new lighting installation was successfully presented to the public for the first time in the curated exhibition „Berlin Design Selection“ in the Brera district.

Materials: Quartzite, Marble, Brass, LED light source Dimensions: w 65 x h 121 cm | w 38 x h 40 cm
Colour: blue azul macaubas quartzite | white thassos marble or brown emperador marble | white carrara marble
Completion: 2015
Design: Flip Sellin / Claudia Pineda De Castro
Photography: Patricia Haas
Manufacturer: COORDINATION Berlin

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