Spode Kitchen Textiles Packaging by 10 Associates

August 8th, 2015 by retail design blog

Spode, a quintessential British brand, have produced a range of beautiful linen textiles. The packaging, which uses a kraft board substrate, reflects the tactile and natural material of the linens.

The die cut window depicts what the item is used for. The whole range has an element of wit which engages the cooks amongst us – hence the supporting graphic which is shown on the main pack and also on the swing ticket. The pack handles are made from twisted paper which complements the overall natural theme. The packs work in isolation, as well as when shown as a range. In-store they have tremendous stand-out and point of purchase appeal, and overall provide a powerful concept which really underpins the quality and personality of the Spode brand.

Design: 10 Associates

via Packaging of the World

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