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Designed by exexe Centor’s Showroom in Warsaw is a multifunctional space acting as a background for company’s dynamic activities. The main aim was to create an elegant, smart place that stimulates creativity. Space perfect for business meetings as well as continuous and subtle display of high quality terrace doors at the same time.

The spatial organisation of the place is composed around three folded-­wall objects, inserted into the existing rectangular premise, out of which two ‐ so called Display Stands ­‐ constitute a main products’ display in the Showroom. Their shape was designed in such a way as to divide the premise into series of smaller consecutive areas, each used for a different purposes: entrance area -­ mlounge zone ‐ the garden ­‐ reception and staircase ‐ office and conference room ­‐ kitchen and toilet. A set of four Centor doors was installed as a part of the space-­dividing elements, taking advantage of  their basic architectural role as a border of the interior and the exterior.

Following that feature all added walls have different finishes made of distinct surfaces, one always resembling the exterior while the other using the typical interior materials. This simple rule continued in all other design decisions reflects Centor door’s actual structure in which the aluminum frame visible on the one side is usually finished with a timber overlay on the other side. This design and use of suitably selected materials consequently carried out throughout the space introduced an order into the Showroom and created a unique character in each zone.

The entrance area equipped with comfortable armchairs creates a homely atmosphere for visitors and brings a feeling of hospitality and openness. The ‘heart’ of the Showroom is an interior garden -­ a place of informal meetings, which is also the center for the presentation of Centor products. Three removable flower pots with vegetation were designed specifically for the garden allowing quick rearrangement of the space for the organization of parties, or efficient exchange of display. It was decided to place a reception desk behind the garden, so that it was closely connected with the following office area in the back. Individually designed Working Bench is also a place for standing discussions between employees and guests of the Showroom.

Stairs with a perforated white balustrade, which ensures a neutral background for this zone, lead to the mezzanine where the technical part of the office is located, while a large window above the Working Bench allows continuous contact between the levels of the place. Furthermore, the office and conference room were designed accompanied by a kitchen and sanitary facilities in the back. The elegance of the place is emphasized by the use of the dark painted plywood of the Display Stand 2 where a cornerless door unit was inserted as an important element of the exposition. The main equipment of  the office consists of a custom made filing cabinet and black T‐shaped conference table. The table together with the Working Bench create a mini-­series of bi-­functional furniture called  2×2.

2X2 Series
A 2X2 bi-­functional furniture series was designed individually to meet the specific conditions of the showroom’s interior design for Centor. Each of the elements merges 2 functions (desk+table, desk+counter) what was dictated by the need for flexibility of the space they were designed for. Although made of the same material ­‐ steel structure based Corian surface ­‐ both pieces have different character adequate for their purposes.

2X2 T-­Table
The “T” shaped table is a combination of the manager’s desk and a conference table for 6 seats. Its raw and emphatic form as well as black colour emphasize the elegance and importance of the place.

2X2 Working Bench
The irregular white surface provides 2 working levels, acting as the assistant’s desk as well as high counter for standing discussions. The ambiguous and provocative shape encourages the innovative thinking.

Design: exexe / Ligia Krajewska / Jakub Pstraś
Photography: Jakub Certowicz

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