EzyPay office by ONG&ONG, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

September 17th, 2015 by retail design blog

EzyPay is an open workspace designed to maximize daylight from the abundant windows along the perimeter of the office space. The layout of the office space was designed to facilitate easy movement from one part to another without feeling constrained and rigid.

The space breaks the mold of a traditional workspace; it is playful and inspiring to motivate staff members and encourage conversation and collaboration. The colorful workspace has a “Stadium Seat” area that can be used for presentations and collaboration, while doubling up as a reception and administration area. A game area is also located near the “Stadium Seat” to create a playground-like area where further interaction between staff is encouraged. Collaboration areas and casual discussion areas with black chalkboards and white boards are found wherever columns and walls can be used.

Designed by ONG&ONG
Team Director: Isabelle Hungeu Armstrong
Team Member: Michael Perez Caraig, Bhairav Ashok Chopra


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