Pizza Buzz Restaurant by Emergent Design Studios, London – UK

September 19th, 2015 by retail design blog

Emergent Design Studios ’ proposal for Pizza Buzz introduces a brand new restaurant typology to London, through which customers create their own ‘bespoke’ pizza using high quality local products, ready to eat in only 120 seconds. This single aspect unit is located between Shoreditch and the City, on the ground floor of the exciting new Alphabeta Building development which is set to be a hub for creative businesses.

Our design intent lies in converting the unit into an extension of the urban environment surrounding it, by echoing cultural references ubiquitous to the immediate context such as street art & materials such as concrete, exposed steel and other industrial elements. The facade towards the street includes colourful signage across the three window bays, consolidating the unit’s shop frontage and interacting with Worship Street’s unique character. The large bespoke entrance screen, directs user flow into the pizza bar. The four metre high screen is formed by hexagonal birch plywood frames, also used to display Pizza Buzz products.

Circulation is efficiently planned along the bespoke green terrazzo bar, adapting customer flow to Pizza Buzz’s unique service experience. Our aim was to develop a ‘transient’ environment where customers can choose to stay in a comfortable collection of seating areas or simply use the take-away. With enough space up to 80 diners, there are various areas of seating throughout the space, such as the leather banquette seating, high tables and a bespoke plywood booth unit, also acting as divider with the pizza bar. All tables are custom made in Corian, detailed with brass table number inlays.

Bespoke lighting was designed in collaboration with INTO Lighting, resulting in brass accents echoed throughout the restaurant in the Pizza Oven’s, table lights and pizza bar detailing.
The art work strip installed at high level across the restaurant playfully displays blow-ups of Pizza Buzz’s brand identity, which in combination with street artist Geo Law’s in-situ murals, add unity and vibrancy to the interior of the venue.

Design: Emergent Design Studios (EDS)
Photographey: Ben Webb
Mural Artist: Geo Law

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