T2 x PATTERNITY installation at London Design Festival, London – UK

October 9th, 2015 by retail design blog

The one-off pop-up installations (at T2 King’s Road and Redchurch Street shops) are looking at the idea of finding beauty in life’s quiet moments, and encouraging the viewer to pause and reflect on their everyday lives — taking a step outside from the fast pace and unpredictability of London.

Founders Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham, “Like enjoying an aromatic cup of tea, these patterns created by life should be a chance to stop and reflect, because if you blink, they’ll pass you by.”

The window displays are both based around the bespoke black and white pattern [please find image attached]. It is working with materials painted in wood and mirror — placed intersecting the window’s central line of symmetry, creating an illusory element of reflection and bringing the displayed products from around the room, into the window sculpture. The line spacing is aimed to create space and pause for passersby.


Tezenis windows 2014 Spring, Budapest
Tezenis windows 2014 Spring, Budapest
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