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The exhibition “Talent Mobility: Matching Lab with Design Business” presents 50 prototypes of Thai researchers which are ready to use and evolve to expand business opportunity.

‘Talent Mobility’ Project is a collaboration between TCDC and National Science Technology and Innovation Policy Office (STI) to encourage science, technology and innovation  personnel from university and public research institute to work with  private sector. The goal is to increase talent mobility in private sector and create a knowledge exchange mechanics between personnel, entrepreneur, designer and educational institute. This will lead to cooperation in analyzing the problem and reinforce the importance of design since prototype development process.

TCDC hosts the activities to disseminate creative research that has a potential in solving problem and promoting creative and design industry. This results in an exhibition of 50 unique prototypes ready for development and cost saving. These prototypes are divided into 5 categories; packaging, material, fabric, tool/equipment and Internet/Big data. From thinking and researching process, experimentation, production process of a creative research, the products are displayed in the form of an exhibition. The opportunity to develop and evolve from the prototype will also be given to the researchers to present their works to entrepreneurs, designers and the public in the broader scope.

Concept: Simple Line Infographic x Blueprint Inspired
• The exhibition “Talent Mobility: Matching Lab with Design Business” that took me 50 research prototype researchers Thailand and continue to increase the opportunities available in the business world. Semi-finished research project, a collaboration between TCDC with the Office of Science Policy. National Technology and Innovation (STI.) To promote science, technology and innovation personnel from universities and research institutes of the public sector. To work with the private sector

• We have seen the potential in the development and promotion of industry collaboration solutions for design and creativity. What makes businessmen and researchers to understand each other more easily. Is to communicate with the (blueprint) to mediate to make the business model or template. Is the design of the Concept Blueprint, with a variety of research. It can be seen that every piece of the exhibition. It is deployed as a virtual blueprint Grid System. Was conceived and designed by two-dimensional plane, so that we can become three-dimensional tangible. Specimens that exhibit a Box Island Installation services can be arranged systematically. And floated a scale from right to left to drive the research to move into the next phase of the System Grid System remains a core system of design, whether Circulation corridor within the exhibition walls, grids and.

Logo Infographic even letters that were conceived from the same system. Communication stressed the need to explain is like instant noodles. The exhibition will make visitors understand more easily. Finally, when business And those who visit the exhibition, we still do Leaflet in the form of data files when the exhibition moved to the works. You can keep it to themselves. And lead to further creative businesses to move forward.

Design: party/space/design

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