Spring Summer 2016 Furniture Collection by DUBOKK

January 15th, 2016 by retail design blog

Northmodern 2016: Danish creative studio Dubokk has released a range of homeware accessories, including a set of laboratory-style vases and magazine holders made from solid marble.

The studio – made up of designers Aleksandar Lazic and Bjarti Á Steig – is presenting the collection at this year’s Northmodern design fair in Copenhagen, which opens today. Dubokk’s Spring Summer 2016 collection includes a set of coloured-glass tables named Tints, a range of magazine racks titled Monument, and a simple vase intended to hold just one flower called Stem. Comprising a bent metal sheet held in place by two marble blocks, Monuments are intended to display books and magazines around the home. “The term monument may refer to man-made objects of significant size or cultural influence,” said the designers. “We designed Monuments from the idea of bringing the magazines and books into focus.”

“The essence of this piece it what you choose to place on it. Displaying your favourite literature will be a reflection of your intellect and personal taste,” they continued. “Our aim was to work with a type of furniture that never seems to receive the aesthetic attention it deserves and turn it in to a meaningful object in itself.”

Stem – a minimal vase with room to hold just one flower – has been designed in a “scientific” manner. Its simple glass vessel and metal holder allow the plant to be examined from stem to tip. “By using a very minimalistic approach and scrapping away all unnecessary surfaces, we kept our focus on what’s important – the plant,” they said. “Stem is a plant holder which can be used to hold flowers, small bouquets or as originally intended – just a simple leaf.”

A set of glass tables named Tints are constructed from square aluminium pipes bended with soft round corners and sharp tinted-glass surfaces. The top glass surface is clear to allow light to pass through to the coloured glass beneath it. “Tints is a study in transparency and how we perceive objects through tinted surfaces,” said the designers. “The process behind this design was balancing softness with sharpness and matching colours and tints.”

Northmodern is taking place from 13 to 15 January 2016 at Copenhagen’s Bella Center.

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