La samuelle restaurant by Creativ Interior Studio, Bucharest – Romania

February 29th, 2016 by retail design blog

“La samuelle” is a restaurant with mediteranean flair, where the chef creates exquisite specialties which you can enjoy in a cozy and comfortable environment. The design project of this restaurant is a classic-contemporary space with nautical reinterpreted elements, where materials and the color range were chosen carefully – all in order to get a calm and comfortable atmosphere. The concept was customized by the owner requirement.

The classical style is read by using walnut wood furniture, upholstered sofas and chairs with velvet, frames and the decorative plaster profiles on the walls and ceiling. But to modernize the concept we brought modern elements, reflected by lamps or strong accent colors. Nautical elements were introduced into the project very discreet and can be found in the vintage wallpaper on the walls, the murals on the ceiling or hanging ropes like those on the boats of fishermen.

The space is divided into three rooms, each has an interior design slightly different in its nature: the bar room invites you to gossip with friends, the color scheme of essence of walnut combined with blue of sofas and bordeaux of curtains creates an effervescent contrast, the main room of the entrance is a kind of a social room for large groups, to dining tables for 4 people and comfortable lounge sofas.

Finally we have a room where the atmosphere is more discreet, slightly secluded from the rest of the restaurant, where we have integrated a play area for children. It’s a very played interior design, yet balanced, which will definitely create many stories and memories, and the most important is that will satisfy all the gastronomic desires of gourmets.

Designed by Creativ Interior Studio

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One thought on “La samuelle restaurant by Creativ Interior Studio, Bucharest – Romania

  1. John says:

    There are so many little details in this restaurant. I really enjoy the very smooth, octopus-like lighting fixture in some of those middle pictures. It looks like it could come to life!

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