Four Points Guilin Hotel Lingui by PAL Design, Guilin – China

April 22nd, 2016 by retail design blog

Four Points Guilin Hotel Lingui has been more than just a business hotel completed with comfortable and luxurious interiors. Its overarching concern to bring lively patterns typical of traditional Chinese culture into its contemporary design stem not from the respect for local artisan know-how, but also the dedication to welcome guests with the best in contemporary style. Guilin has indeed been known as a popular tourist destination with colourful ethnic and cultural heritage, which has inspired the design team to draw from diverse aesthetic sources from traditional paper-cutting craft, fine fabric details to intricate woodwork.

The result is its intricate craftsmanship to maintain an organic contour throughout — with finely-turned and well-polished edges across its tailor-made fixtures — expressed through both textures and colours in myriad layers. The main dining room is exemplary in taking traditional Chinese elements to another level in particular, with eye-catching carp-shaped cut-outs in elegant white curving beneath its spectacular golden ceiling.

The interplay of forms and shapes does not stop there. The dynamic vibe throughout its interiors is taken further through its iconic tendril lighting across the ceiling from the lobby to the restaurant. Meanwhile, the exquisite juxtaposition of polished, rugged and velvety wall surfaces ensures a fluid transition between public and private spaces. The careful choice of eye-catching lighting strips dotted across the ceilings and corridors further delight and guide guests in their paths in rhythmic pulsations.

While vermillion dominates the palette of Chinese designs in history, the design team has decided that it might not sit well with the leisurely holiday touch. The focus on other vibrant colours instead comes perfectly together in an imaginative palette as diverse as lime green, coquelicot red and Egyptian blue. Without appearing as an overbearing mess, the overall atmosphere remains always welcoming and warm for guests to enjoy a memorable stay.

Designed by Dr. Patrick Leung / PAL Design
Photography by Mr. Green Chan

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