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After a new composition of the owners, a traditional pub in Porto Alegre decided to innovate in creating a new concept that blends a fine dinning to the atmosphere of a pub. To make this possible, the Kali Architecture office was chosen to develop the architectural project. Having in mind that the business would be closed for only 45 days, It is important to mention that time was an important factor.

Before this project took place, a rustic pub with dark wood and a Viking theme was replaced by an industrial and modern pub, with new textures, colors and lightning. With high ceilings, the original place already had a mezzanine. This item was chosen as the only one to remain in the project. The biggest change happen from the need to create a stage. This would be an important new element to highlight the change that the pub wanted. The intention to highlight the stage and create a way through the main hall, the position of the new steel staircase introduced a new element: the walkway, which brings a greater connection to the place, allowing an overview of the main and privileged hall stage.

The project included some common areas that gave the customers different kinds of feelings, presenting a layout defined by flexible uses. On the mezzanine, the tables distributed a log of a linear sofas. This composition with a lower ceiling creates an environment propitious to a dinning service. A place of greater prominence and visibility was reserved to receive a concrete table for 10 people, determining the VIP area.

Downstairs, the ambients are identified by differents tables, chairs, stools and the bar counter. Special areas on this floor are the livings with sofas, which resemble the home of a friend.
Moreover, we can divide into 4 elements that give identity to the project:
· Metal
There are recurrent use of metal, appearing in pub elements, depth of the cashier, furniture, walkway and stairs, bottom panel of the stage and even in the apparent electrical installation.
The metal that is the main material that characterize the gastro+pub like an industrial atmosphere.

· Wall of rustic bricks
The most visible and extended wall of the gastro+pub receive a coating of rustic bricks. This choice brought balance with the wood floor and with the tone that needed to create a sense of attractiveness and engagement.

· Curtains
The curtains give stateliness and elegance to the entrance. In addition to establishing a dialogue with the armchairs and sofas that that are distribute in the foreground of the place, also serve to hide service access.

· Paintings
The paintings bring a personal input to the project because there is a strong intention in uniting the conventional to the unusual. In addition, there is an effort in harmonize the colors and position paintings. In choosing only local artists was bond a sense of community. This project , adding all these elements, helped this pub to became an unique place in town.

Photography by Marcelo Donadussi

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